Corporate Communication

A solid communication fosters processes of cultural transformation and change, especially if you have to reach a large audience. We develop tailor-made communication measures, e.g. in the form of documentary film productions, case studies or digital learning platforms.

Film documentaries to foster the impact of change

For an international technology company, we produced a series of documentary reviews of a change process at locations in India, Germany and France. In the film series, managers and employees reflect their experiences, fears and achievements – honestly and without any script.

Ralph Wiese
Großartige Interviews, tolle Bilder. Die Filme unterstützen unseren Veränderungsprozess.

FILM PRODUCTION FOR MOOC" target="_blank">
15 case studies about digital transformation
FILM PRODUCTION" target="_blank">
A glance at the "making of the MOOC"
Video clarifies the approach in a intuitive way
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