For each change management process, we devise appropriate, effective interventions. To do so, we draw on a selection of proven methods and formats that we tailor to your needs and specific issues.


Culture Dialogs make cultural development concrete. The tool was developed by ICL and is now in use in numerous large companies. Using a set of cards, management and employees in mixed teams investigate the quality of their own cultural patterns in order to continuously improve.
In a collaborative process, they are working through defined issues assessing their culture. A model with 5 different culture maturity stages serves as a compass for the self-assessment.With Culture Dialogs, ICL provides a toolbox including a set with 21 different dimensions that can be aligned to your needs and topics. Culture Dialogs serve as a tool to constantly monitor the fitness of your organization. Near-term, this tool can be used to kick off a process of cultural development; longer-term, it can be used for continuously testing and maintaining organizational performance and reliability and the overall fitness of the system. To support the change process, we train internal moderators and change agents.

Pattern analyses

Pattern analyses afford the opportunity to engage in constructive failure learning. Employees and management investigate an unexpected incident on-site: How fit are we in the way we deal with complexity?

Curriculum “Process facilitator for culture change”

In order to develop a high-performance, proactive culture, we focus on the burning issues at your company. We design a customized change process in order to sustainably optimize your management, quality, safety, innovation or growth culture. Internal change management expertise is necessary for sustainable cultural development. A learning process with multiple modules prepares internal process facilitators for their role; it also gives them support on the job. The learning process is specifically adapted and designed to suit your needs.

Value mapping & real time moodboards

We use online surveys to continuously monitor changes in system fitness and the extent to which values are practiced. To do so, we use proven tools like the Barrett Value Scan or the Safety Organizing Scale (SOS), which provide important insights into process quantity.

Specific workshop formats and learning journeys

We design specific workshop formats or learning journeys that allow participants to think out of the box, and which sensitize them to defined management and organizational issues[FM1] .

Learning Journey in Berlin

New Learning, new Work

Management WaVe Bochum ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG
“The Culture Dialogs have helped us evaluate where we stand in terms of workplace safety in a more self-critical manner. As a result, we are now able to deal more honestly both with that issue and with each other.”
Director Human Performance Calpine
“The descriptions in the ICL Culture Dialogs are clear, concise, and aligned with philosophies of global safety and resilience experts.”
EHSS Manager Petrochemical Pipeline Services
“ICL’s Culture Dialogs provide concrete examples of what a proactive safety culture looks like.”
Head of Risk, Safety, Quality, Environment
“I like the approach of helping people help themselves. As quality and safety specialists we become less an inspector and more a change agent. Thanks to the practical introduction by ICL, we feel capable of carrying out important stages in the cultural evolution process ourselves. ”
Board Member, ThyssenKrupp Schulte GmbH
“The most important wow factor I saw in the pattern analysis was its ability to integrate various people and perspectives. We got a lot of valuable new new insights.”
Plant Manager, BASF SE
“The pattern analysis impressively demonstrated which basic patterns of behavior repeatedly led to critical situations and events.”
Director Human Performance Calpine
„I was surprised about the intensity of emotions and conversations spurred by an actual staff ride. Top managers experienced the complexity of real work and how they can foster learning form failure.“


Mindset is a toolkit developed for social work in order to promote and support the principles of collective mindfulness in teamwork. Using a card system, the teams highlight all manner of facets and methods at play in mindful social support.
Working with the cards promotes and structures both individual and collaborative analysis in response to a variety of occasions and prompts (e.g. in team meetings and workshops, during case study discussions, or as part of cooperation and support plan meetings). Through a process of dialog, the teams articulate shared ideas and behaviors regarding how mindfulness-enhancing practices can be integrated into their day-to-day work. The objective of mindful organizing is to promote competent, proactive handling of critical events. In 2016, Mindset was awarded the Best Practice Award by Systemische Gesellschaft e.V. for its application in Das Rauhe Haus’s Children’s and Youth Services unit.

(Deutsch) Kinderschutz achtsam und zuverlässig organisieren

(Deutsch) 116 Fragekarten greifen die Forschungserkenntnisse zur Praxis hochzuverlässigen Organisationen auf und unterstützen Fachkräfte in der Sozialen Arbeit im Achtsamen Organisieren für zuverlässigen Kinderschutz.
(Deutsch) Die Fragekarten sind jederzeit einsetzbar, alleine oder gemeinsam mit Kolleginnen und Kollegen. Sie dienen der Reflexion von individuellen als auch kollektiven Verhaltensmustern unter Gesichtspunktendes Achtsamen Organisierens. Die Fragen eröffnen neue Beobachtungsweisen für die eigene Arbeitspraxis und ermöglichen so, anders, nämlich achtsamer zu arbeiten.

Mindful practices and agile methods

Performance can be influenced through targeted structuring of the collaboration. We provide advisory support for the introduction of methods and formats that increase your team’s learning aptitude, agility and resilience, in order to cope with complex requirements.
Among other things, this support includes rituals for decision-making, problem-solving, or agile project management. The support provided may also include counterintuitive questioning techniques or special creativity and innovation formats.

Digital platforms and learning collections

For the sake of sustainable implementation, we design platforms for digital and customizable learning collections that allow for self-directed learning integrated into the organization’s everyday experience.

User-centric development formats

The user is always in focus when we design learning opportunities and tools. We make use of user-centric methods like Design Thinking in our design work.

Corporate Learning Strategie Workshops

In a series of workshops held in collaboration with the relevant stakeholders, we develop a Corporate Learning strategy tailored to the business objectives, as well as a business model, organizational structure and workflows, networking with internal and external stakeholders, as well as appropriate learning partners. We work alongside you to elaborate the necessary HR development processes, along with curricula geared to the business objectives and development requirements.


Our work is based on the latest scientific findings and on current know-how regarding best practice. We conduct benchmark studies to investigate specific issues, drawing on our network in the expert community in the process.
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