Corporate Learning

Company-wide learning aptitude requires new learning formats, along with as a new self-concept on the part of personnel and organizational development officers. We support you with the user-centric design of your learning and development opportunities, and with the positioning of the corporate learning function.

Lernprozesse entwickeln
Learning has to take place in day-to-day work, precisely when it is needed. We design integrated learning architectures for top management, middle management as well as employees and subject specialists, tailored to the topics of interest to them. During this process we combine personal competence building with organizational learning, and prefer to work with existing teams.
Integrating digital learning
Digital learning opportunities allow for self-directed learning – precisely when it is needed. Thanks to user-centric development processes, we are able to develop digital learning platforms with customizable learning collections appropriate for the desired topics.
Lernfunktion positionieren
In order to increase learning aptitude, it is absolutely essential that the learning function has a forward-looking orientation. How do we position ourselves within the organization, how do we work alongside external learning partners, and what does our business model look like? We support you in the process of seeking out a new self-concept and strategy.
Supporting change processes
The repositioning of the Corporate Learning function also entails a departure from patterns that were successful for many years. We support corporate learning teams in this process of change, and provide assistance to facilitate acquisition of the necessary skills.

Corporate Culture Projects

Corporate Learning MICT Academy concept for the development of the media sector in Iraq

Assignment Piloting an academy for the development of the media sector in Iraq Approach and deliverables Concept development and implementation support for Media Academy Iraq (MAI)
  • Design and execution of a simulation training session for Academy trainers (train the trainer)
  • Coaching the Executive Board through the implementation process
  • Implementation of the Academy concept for media sector development in various Arab countries
  • demonstrable impact on the democratization process.
  • Simulation training is an integral component of the MICT program for training trainers

Corporate Learning Commerzbank Redesign of the along-the-job expert career track

Assignment Develop attractive career paths and along-the-job development opportunities for subject specialists Approach and deliverables Redesign of the along-the-job expert career track structured according to job families, and using both vertical and horizontal career paths. Results
  • Optimized career model that is highly attractive to employees implemented

Corporate Learning ThyssenKrupp Group-wide top management program: “Pathways to a New Safety Culture”

Assignment Develop a learning process to increase sensitivity among top management to safety issues and to promote sustainable development of the safety culture Approach and deliverables Multi-year support for cultural transformation (> 6 years): Iintegrated learning process for top management, middle managers and employees.
  • Introduction of Culture Dialogs as a company-wide tool for developing the safety culture
  • Learning process for safety specialists as process facilitators
  • Production of educational films
  • Supervision of change processes in numerous business units
  • Internationalization of the process for the United States and India
  • Supervision to internal specialists and ongoing process coaching
  • Establishment of a Group-wide target scenario/reference model (5-step model)
  • Organizational entrenchment of the ICL Culture Dialogs and pattern analyses as methods for developing the safety culture
  • Internal buildup of competence capable of independently perpetuating the process
  • Contribution to reducing accident incidents by 50 percent

Corporate Learning ThyssenKrupp International top management program “Building a High Reliability Organization”


Develop an international program for top management in order to improve quality and workplace safety

Approach and deliverables

Designing and implementing a multi-module learning process in the United States (in collaboration with Prof. Kathleen Sutcliffe). Impact evaluation after six months

  • Visible individual changes in behavior among top management
  • Savings and higher return on investment amounting to several million euros thanks to new developments and enhanced resilience (results according to quantitative impact evaluation)

Corporate Learning Douglas Launch of a Corporate Academy

Assignment Support, consulting and facilitation in the launch of a Corporate Academy for top management Approach and deliverables Workshop series for developing the Corporate Academy strategy Results
  • Successful piloting of the Academy


Custom methods

Our work is based on a portfolio of proven and innovative intervention formats that we tailor to the needs and specific issues of our clients.


Pattern analysis

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