We support companies of varying sizes across a variety of industries. We cultivate trust-based, long-term partnerships between equals with our clients, which are characterized by the principle of helping people help themselves.


Plant Manager, Pluriol Factory BASF SE
“Our collaboration with the ICL team is the engine that drives our cultural change forward. All team members appreciate the open, blame-free atmosphere, and have quickly built up an atmosphere of trust and confidence.”
Head of Risk, Safety, Quality, Environment SBB Cargo AG
“I like the approach of helping people help themselves. Thanks to the practical introduction by ICL, we feel capable of carrying out important stages in the cultural evolution ourselves.”


Corporate Culture BG ETEM Culture-Dialogs for culture development

Assignment Alignment of the ICL-tool Culture Dialogs to develop the corporate culture for a large insuring company. Evaluating the method as a potential offering for client companies to better prevent incidents as well as health issues. Approach and deliverables Development of a shared reference model and design of the culture change journey (workshop series with the Senior Leadership Team) Alignment of ICL-Culture Dialogs Training of moderators and coaching during the pilot phase of the culture development process

Corporate Culture GE Oil & Gas Developing the growth and performance culture

Assignment Sensitize the top, international senior leadership team: What are the starting points for developing high performance, growth and reliability? Approach and deliverables Conducting workshops with the senior leadership team
  • Introduction of the principles of collective mindfulness and high performance
  • Performance of pattern analyses in order to analyze underlying correlations in missed business opportunities and options for growth
  • A shared point of reference for developing the performance culture established in the management team
  • Initiation of the implementation of an integrated customer feedback system
  • Introduction of pattern analyses as a ritual for analyzing unexpected incidents when dealing with customers

Corporate Culture Das Rauhe Haus Culture of mindfulness in social work

Assignment Development of collective mindfulness among employees in the Children’s and Youth Services unit Approach and deliverables Multi-year support of a change process
  • Design of two symposiums Development and implementation of the methodological toolkit “Mindful Organizing Mindset”
  • Training of 30 process consultants
  • Mindset applied in 30 teams
  • Improving the information culture and cooperation on the teams
  • Established practices to learn from successes as well as critical events and mistakes
  • Awarded the Best Practice Award by Systemische Gesellschaft e.V.

Corporate Learning MICT Academy concept for the development of the media sector in Iraq

Assignment Piloting an academy for the development of the media sector in Iraq Approach and deliverables Concept development and implementation support for Media Academy Iraq (MAI)
  • Design and execution of a simulation training session for Academy trainers (train the trainer)
  • Coaching the Executive Board through the implementation process
  • Implementation of the Academy concept for media sector development in various Arab countries
  • demonstrable impact on the democratization process.
  • Simulation training is an integral component of the MICT program for training trainers

Corporate Culture BASF Site-wide development of the safety culture

Assignment Implementing a commonly held safety philosophy at a site with 30,000 employees Approach and deliverables Design of a shared approach to continuously develop the safety culture on the site, including
  • Development of the senior management team
  • Training of internal Corporate Learning and safety experts
  • Implementation of Culture Dialogs as a review tool Digital learning platform
  • Ongoing change process

Corporate Learning Commerzbank Redesign of the along-the-job expert career track

Assignment Develop attractive career paths and along-the-job development opportunities for subject specialists Approach and deliverables Redesign of the along-the-job expert career track structured according to job families, and using both vertical and horizontal career paths. Results
  • Optimized career model that is highly attractive to employees implemented

Corporate Learning ThyssenKrupp Group-wide top management program: “Pathways to a New Safety Culture”

Assignment Develop a learning process to increase sensitivity among top management to safety issues and to promote sustainable development of the safety culture Approach and deliverables Multi-year support for cultural transformation (> 6 years): Iintegrated learning process for top management, middle managers and employees.
  • Introduction of Culture Dialogs as a company-wide tool for developing the safety culture
  • Learning process for safety specialists as process facilitators
  • Production of educational films
  • Supervision of change processes in numerous business units
  • Internationalization of the process for the United States and India
  • Supervision to internal specialists and ongoing process coaching
  • Establishment of a Group-wide target scenario/reference model (5-step model)
  • Organizational entrenchment of the ICL Culture Dialogs and pattern analyses as methods for developing the safety culture
  • Internal buildup of competence capable of independently perpetuating the process
  • Contribution to reducing accident incidents by 50 percent

Corporate Learning ThyssenKrupp International top management program “Building a High Reliability Organization”


Develop an international program for top management in order to improve quality and workplace safety

Approach and deliverables

Designing and implementing a multi-module learning process in the United States (in collaboration with Prof. Kathleen Sutcliffe). Impact evaluation after six months

  • Visible individual changes in behavior among top management
  • Savings and higher return on investment amounting to several million euros thanks to new developments and enhanced resilience (results according to quantitative impact evaluation)

Corporate Culture SABIC Improving safety performance

Assignment Improve safety performance after repeated incidents Approach and deliverables Multi-year process support in the development of the safety culture in the Netherlands, Germany and Spain (as a partner to the consulting firm Apollo13):
  • Workshops for developing the management team
  • Performing safety culture assessments using Culture Dialogs and pattern analysis
  • Support for the subsequent change process
  • Visible behavioral changes
  • Measurable reduction in accident events in the Netherlands (three years accident-free)

Corporate Learning Douglas Launch of a Corporate Academy

Assignment Support, consulting and facilitation in the launch of a Corporate Academy for top management Approach and deliverables Workshop series for developing the Corporate Academy strategy Results
  • Successful piloting of the Academy

Corporate Learning Haniel Strategic repositioning of the Haniel Academy

Assignment Consulting and process support for the strategic development of the Haniel Academy Approach and deliverables
  • Benchmark study
  • Workshop series on strategic realignment
  • Improved program structure and stakeholder networking
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Industry sectors

In view of high complexity and risk, how can we consistently deliver high performance? This is a question that preoccupies most of our clients, though their specific concerns vary by industry.


Complex technologies, resource scarcity and digitization are making production workflows more challenging. For years, the go-to default strategy was to expand standards, as well as regulation and control systems. We support production companies tackling the issue of how to increase their learning aptitude and adaptability while at the same time improving their delivery speed, quality and safety.


The pressure being brought to bear on financial institutions by publicity and regulations is increasing. They need to find a transparent way of dealing with operational risks. We support banks and other financial institutions in their effort to develop their risk culture and find answers to related questions, such as: How do we achieve transparency when it comes to dealing with vulnerabilities without jeopardizing the trust of our clients and the public? How do we develop the skills and processes needed to deal with risks in a considered manner? How do we restructure a sustainable cultural development process to this end?

Health Care

Health care needs to put the patient at the center of service provision. Patient safety and quality of care are important aspects in this regard. We support organizations in the healthcare sector by assisting them with necessary realignment and cultural development processes. We work with top level management teams, developing the internal expertise needed to restructure and support change processes. Together with the Institute for Patient Safety, in 2016 we developed special Culture Dialogs on patient safety in order to spur on the evolution of hospital safety culture.

Public and social sector

At universities and charitable foundations as well as in politics and public administration, we are seeing a paradigm shift in the direction of increasing professionalization and modern management cultures. Performance orientation and economic efficiency need to be reconciled with expectations of caution, reliability and integrity. We support public sector institutions and social services in their cautious efforts to develop the management and work culture needed for this purpose.


We help the managers of major projects meet the challenge of achieving peak performance with shifting teams. Which modes of collaboration can help us, in view of the numerous interfaces and contractor and partner dependencies, and of course of the ever-present planning uncertainties, to nonetheless deliver peak performance in terms of budget compliance, and reliability of supply, quality and safety?

Process industry

Plants operating in the process industry need to be increasingly reliable, flexible and intelligent. For years we have been supporting companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and in the oil and gas sector, in their effort to develop a sustainably adaptive safety and performance culture.