Design digital transformation

Forum school leaders 2018

How do we prepare for constant change?

How can digitally networked learning be implemented and controlled within the framework of agile school development? - These and other questions were pursued by 300 school principals at the Forum Schulleitung in the Landschaftspark Duisburg.

Intense exchange with 300 school principals

Digital transformation requires continuous and attentive accompaniment, reflection and new didactic and pedagogical concepts. It is important to design learning, development and experiential spaces that enable students to take on a critical and responsible role in society. In the same time to deal equally with the conditions of the global and digital age. How to accompany the digital transformation from a management perspective for the school system? What steps need to be taken to win over all stakeholders for a successful digital education and transformation? How can digitally networked learning be implemented and controlled within the framework of an agile school development? What didactic and pedagogical requirements have to be met in order to lay the foundation for successful media education? On 19th of November, 300 school principals answered these questions on the headmaster forum.

Our contribution: How do we develop a culture of collective mindfulness in school?

The conversion from written to digital communication leads not only to a technical but also to a social transformation. In order to keep pace with this change and to offer adequate learning opportunities, schools themselves must be more adaptable. This means being highly attentive to early signals, evaluating them with colleagues and being able to respond. How such an "agile and collectively mindful culture" can be developed? To address this question we offered 3 different formats at the Forum: - Lecture on the development of a culture of collective mindfulness - Workshop to test the "Kommmitmensch-dialogues" - a tool for culture development that we adapted for the school sector - Facilitated discussion with participants: Why cultural change? Or: What would happen if everything stays as it is?