New Learning, new work

Learning Journey in Berlin

Exploring new ways of learning

How is learning changing in the course of digitisation? How can we brush our own learning ideas and approaches against the grain? And how can we use the Berlin ecosystem to offer our internal customers valuable impulses for learning in the future? These were all questions that the learning experts at an automobile manufacturer's internal Corporate Academy asked themselves and for which they wanted to sensitize managers and employees. Together with them, we developed a Learning Journey Format in the Berlin Ecosystem.  

"Inspiring days in Berlin are coming to the end… I am grateful for this inspiration and the chance took part in this."

Disruptive change in the automotive industry requires the ability to transform continuously and in action. So what does it look like when learning no longer takes place "on the heap" but is a natural part of work? How can digital opportunities be optimally used to learn what we really need at the right time? And what leadership and work culture is necessary? The aim of the intervention was to get new impulses to answer these questions. Together, we developed a 2.5-day Learning Journey format using user-centric methods.

The Approach: Learning Journey Format in Berlin

In the Berlin ecosystem, managers and learning experts come into close contact with new forms of work and learning, discuss with pioneers of the start-up scene and explore trends in digital learning: How can learning be completely rethought in our country? The format was conceived as an adaptable blueprint and can thus be tailored to the specific questions of the participating units.

Start with prototype

As a prelude, we started in spring 2018 with a first prototype, which we presented to a selected group of participants. Together we visited the Internet of Things Academy of Bosch and discussed the development of personalized learning environments with Sirka Freigang. Verena Augustin from IXDS reported on her experiences with the introduction of socio-cratic forms of work. We visited the project The Shelf and learned about their mobility concepts. In the evening we invited more than 60 guests to our own Meetup in the McKinsey Experience Lab. The last day finally served to evaluate: What do we take with us and how do we implement it? The feedback from the participants was overwhelming. Filled with impulses, you returned to your working world with concrete ideas for implementation.