Leading Digital

Massive Open Online Conversation (MOOC)

How do we reach a large number of leaders?

Leadership is a key lever for digital transformation. Leaders need to learn to rethink their business and role as leaders. But how do you reach the management team in a large corporate company with well-established routines and ways of thinking? How do you bring them into an interdisciplinary dialogue across hierarchies on how this fundamental cultural change can succeed? - This question was faced by an automobile manufacturer with just under 30,000 executives worldwide.

(Deutsch) Massive Open Online Conversation for 28.000 leaders

An important intervention was the implementation of internal, dialog-oriented Massive Open Online Courses - a virtual, tailor-made program that sends executives on a learning journey around the topics of digitization for three weeks: What trends are there and how is our business model changing? What does digital transformation require of us as leaders, what are the first experiences with new forms of working, learning and leadership? And what are the first steps in cultural change? How does each of us get started in his area? For the realization of the Massive Open online course, which was developed in cooperation with the consulting agency Wolff Olins, we produced 15 films with internal case studies, which were embedded in the MOOCs storyline: We interviewed executives of different levels and areas about their experiences, good practices and first advances in digitization.